Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not Enough Tables

It is strange the things you find out you need or don't have when you move. We (myself and Franklin) have been moving into the Beloved Community House piece by piece for nearly four months now. As little bits of the house get fixed up and cleaned we move into more of the house.

Whenever people ask me what we need I always say tables. It's true we do need tables, little ones for the bedrooms and the living room and at least one big one for the main room/planning room. It seems such an odd thing not to have enough of but there you have it.

YFIR Wishlist

Beloved Community House:
end tables
a dining room table
chairs (kitchen, living room)
throw pillows
Quaker or interfaith related posters or prints
Quaker or religion related books
dvd player
something to listen to music with: stereo, boom box, ipod dock
a framed or otherwise wall mountable house prayer or prayer of hospitality

Youth Program:
art supplies
drawing supplies
games: bananagrams, jenga, apples to apples. . .
large pillows/cushions for retreats or foam and fabric to make them
easel for flip charts

~ Anna

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  1. I think you've got enough tables now :-) ! F/friends are generous. Now for some chairs. . .