Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter and Spring Retreats!

Warm Heart, Warm Hands January 7-9, ages 11-14
There are as many was to heal as there are to be hurt. In all cultures around the world there are healers who are known for their abilities to cure and mend. This weekend we’ll explore our own healing powers through many different techniques, such as massage, healing touch, meditation, and energy work.

The Friendly Firebrand: Social Action February 25-27, ages 11-14
Rebellion is a hallmark of adolescence. Challenging authority is also one of things that Quakers are best known for. This weekend we’ll look at examples of people, some of them Friends, who faced great adversity for causes they believed in. We’ll explore different ways to take a stand, in our personal lives and in the larger world, and try to find constructive and positive ways to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in.

Green Eggs and Hamlet March 11-13, ages 14-18
What do Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss have in common? They are both known for inventing words, creative use of language, and storytelling abilities. This weekend we’ll try our hand at all of these things. We’ll look at different forms of poetry and practice poetic writing. We’ll explore different storytelling styles and techniques, and when we can’t find the right words, we’ll make new ones!

Finding the Inner Me March 25-27, ages 11-14
A large part of connecting with others comes from our ability to connect with ourselves. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages about who we should want to be, what we should want to look like, and what things we should want to own. These external voices can be so loud that it can be hard to hear the internal voices of our souls. This weekend we’ll talk about ways to turn down the volume of the outward noise and search for avenues into our inner selves...

Thank You for Being a Friend April 15-17, ages 11-14
What makes a good friend? Why is friendship important? How do friendships change as you transition from childhood to adolescence? How do you deepen the friendships you have, and how do you form new ones? How do you say “no” to a friend and how do you know when to let go. We will tackle these questions and more this weekend, as we examine the complicated world of friendship.

He, She, Ze... Me? May 13-15, ages 14-18
Society is constantly telling us what it means to be a man or a woman, and what forms of sexuality are healthy or unacceptable. This pressure is often felt most keenly at adolescence, when we are going through the physical transformation from child to adult, and are beginning to explore our sexuality. This weekend we’ll examine some of the assumptions and stereotypes about gender and sexuality and discuss some of the safe and healthy ways we can explore our identities.

Creating Your Way June 10-12, ages 11-14
There are endless forms of creative expression, and many ways to express yourself within each form. Some like to sing in choirs, some in karaoke bars, and others in the shower. Haiku, limericks and sonnets are all very different, and are all poetry. This weekend, we’ll explore as many ways to express our creativity as we can. We hope that you’ll come prepared to share your favorite ways, but also to try new ones. So bring your instruments, your journals, your scrapbooks, your dancing shoes, and anything else you might need, because we are going to have some fun!

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