Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Updates!

Hi, everyone!We have been having a wonderful fall here at Beloved Community House. Our house now full with four interns, we have been working hard to strengthen our community. A favorite way of doing this is through sharing food. We have dinners together almost every night, and sometimes spontaneous pancake breakfasts. Recently, we've been coming up with creative ways to eat the massive amounts of butternut squash we receive from our local CSA. So far we've had curried red lentil and butternut soup, squash pie, squash bread, and squash pancakes.

Last week we attacked the task of preparing our garden for the winter. Natalie, our garden-guru, spearheaded this effort, and helped us think about what we want our garden to look like next year.Franklin works on clearing and turning over beds.
Natalie and Anna put up a branch that we can grow vines on next year.

This Halloween, the Young Friends, plus f/Friend Aaron Lindop, got dressed up together and went out on the town. There was a lot of hubbub as we all ran around getting ready - Franklin carefully trimming his beard, Anna borrowing pants and a neck tie, and Natalie and Helen spending more time on (and putting more product in) their hair than they care to admit.Franklin and Aaron
Helen, Natalie, and Anna

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