Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beloved Community Bible Study (at 7:00 pm the last Tuesday of each month)

The Day of Pentecost
(May 25th)
Acts 2:00-3:00

Faith Through Works (June 29th)
The Letter of James (all the way through)

The Woman At the Well (July 27th)
Gospel of John 4:00-5:00

God’s Community of Love (August 31st )
The First Letter of John (all the way through)

The Coming of the Kingdom of God (September 28th)
Revelation 21:00-22:00

Martha, Mary, and Lazarus (October 26th)
Luke 10:40-10:41 and John 11:00-12:00

The Sermon on the Mount (November 29th)
Gospel of Matthew 5:00-6:00

Note On Reading: feel free to do the reading before coming to the Bible study sessions. However you by no means have to do so. If you do decide to do the reading ahead of time, try not to over think it. Read the passage and then set it aside and do something else, or sit with it in silence for a while. Try to acknowledge and then set aside any preconceived interpretations or baggage you might have around the passage. Always keep in mind that while a passage might not speak to you it might be deeply meaningful to someone else in our group so always come to the text and our sessions with respectfulness and an open mind.

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