Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter From the YFIR Interns Regarding the Youth Retreats

Dear Friends,

The Young Friends In Residence youth program is under way and building steam! In the few retreats that we've had, we've begun to build a vibrant, nurturing community of truly exceptional youth. We've participated in deep discussions, cooperated in group exercises, played in the snow, and displayed some impressive skills at cabaret. We'd like to take a moment to thank all of the people who have helped this community to grow. We have had a number of amazing adults share their talent, energy, and spirit: Donna Beckwith acted as a co-facilitator at our first retreat; and Alexander Haines, Alex Kramer, Ginny Haines, Rick Townsend, and Shirley Way have all joined us as Adult Presences. We have had a beatific Butler to help Anna keep the kitchen running smoothly: Amy Willauer-Obermayer. Some terrific teens have joined us and shared their light, experience, and passion with the group as Junior Counselors: Gabe Obermayer, Kayla Clark, and Risa Pomerselig. Of course, a great thanks is due Perry City Monthly Meeting for the use of the meeting house and the support of our little program. Most importantly, we want to thank our awesome attenders, who have opened up to one another, have shared their youthful vigor, imagination, and insight, and who have generally made it a joy to be part of this budding community.

We're off to a strong start, but we could use more help and we'd love to get more of you involved. If you're aged 11-14, we'd love to have you at one of our upcoming retreats. If you're aged 14-18, we'd love to have you join us a Junior Counselor, or as an attender at one of our high school retreats. Older than that? Have no fear, there's plenty you can do as part of our community! You can join us as an Adult Presence and take part in our sessions, or you can help keep us happy and well-fed as a Butler.

You can support us in other ways as well. Spread the word about our program to people who haven't heard of us, within the Society of Friends and elsewhere. Of course, donations are always welcome - the program costs money to run, and we don't charge any registration or attendance fees. Donations don't have to be monetary - perhaps you have something on our wish list that you could spare. Or, if you have something that might be useful that isn't on our list, contact us.

Finally, if you have any questions about the program, suggestions, advice, or well wishes, we'd love to hear them.

Peace and Joy,
Anna, Franklin, and Natalie

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