Thursday, May 20, 2010

Supporting Young Friends In Residence Program

Because there is no fee for any of YFIR's ministries, we rely on Friends' financial support to allow us to do this work and to live as released Friends.

If you are led to donate money to the program, please write a check out to New York Yearly Meeting and note that it is for the Young Friends In Residence Program.

Send the check by mail to:

New York Yearly Meeting Office
15 Rutherford Place
New York, NY 10003-3705

If you want to support the program by donating items, check out our wish list:

YFIR Program Wish List

1. Bandanas, scarves
2. Items for a costume box
3. Balls (soccer, basketball, tennis, juggling, yoga, etc.)
4. Art supplies (paints and brushes, chalk, paper, glue, tape, staplers, etc.)
5. String, yarn, rope, etc.
6. Song books (Rise Up Singing)
7. Large throw pillows
8. Instruments (maracas, drums, recorders, etc.)
9. Tools (hammers, screw drivers, buckets, brooms, etc.)
10. Sleds
11. A digital camera
12. Black and color printer cartridges
13. Large plastic or glass storage bins
14. Blankets, pillows and bed sheets (all sizes)
15. Bibles
16. Coloring or craft books
17. Children's short stories books
18. Theology or other religious themed books
19. Kitchen chairs
20. Large serving bowls and plates
21. Word games (banana grams has been requested by the kids)

We sincerely thank everyone who has helped and supported us and this program!

Peace and Joy,
Anna, Natalie, Franklin.

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