Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fall and Winter Upcoming Retreats!!

Play Us A Song September 10-12
Playing games and singing songs are big parts of our community. Since we're just starting out, we need to build a repertoire so that we don't get bored, singing the same songs and playing the same games over and over (even Kung Fu can get old if you play it all the time). To that end, we'll spend this weekend teaching each other new games and new songs. Bring any fun games that you know, and make sure you're prepared to show the group how to play. Is there a song that speaks to you, or that you just think is really pretty? Make sure you know the melody and the words! Keep in mind that we're trying to build a safe, nurturing, inclusive community when you decide whether or not a game or song is right for this weekend. In addition to singing and playing, we'll talk about why music moves us, what makes a game fun, and why different games and songs suit different times.

First Annual YFIR Film Festival October 1-3
This retreat, for 14-18 year olds, will essentially be a weekend-long film festival. It's a chance for us to relax, decompress, and enjoy each other's company. The YFIR interns will pick some films, others will be chosen by the attenders. To avoid being total couch potatoes, we'll play active games between films. To exercise our minds, we'll have some discussions about the effects of media on society, portrayals of sexuality and violence in film and television, etc. The focus of the weekend, however, will be to cut loose - something that teenagers have far too few opportunities to do.

A Gathering Together October 15-17

Autumn is a time of great contrast. As leaves die they reveal their beautiful colors, and the bounty of the harvest portends the lean months ahead. This weekend we'll celebrate the beauty and plenty of the season while mourning the loss of warmth and light as the earth prepares for the slumber of winter. We'll spend time outdoors looking for signs of the changing seasons and perhaps do some harvesting (apple picking?). We'll talk about what this time of year has meant for different peoples throughout history and across the world, and what it means for plants and animals. We'll talk about the cycle of life, and death as a natural part of that cycle. But mostly we will celebrate this beautiful season with fun games and activities, good food, and good company.

What Makes You Come Alive? November 5-7
What are you thankful for, what makes you come alive and brings you joy? How do you express these things? What activities most enliven your soul? Do you pray? How, and to who/what? In the month that our country celebrates Thanksgiving, we want to take a look at the different ways in which we give thanks. In her debut as a facilitator, Anna is going to lead us in examining various kinds of prayer. We'll sing, meditate, make art, and explore other forms of communion.

AVP Workshop December 17-19

Guest facilitator Jens Braun will be leading us in an Alternatives to Violence Project workshop. For those of you unfamiliar with AVP, it is system of games, exercises, and discussions that helps participants learn to deal with conflict non-violently. This weekend should be really informative and a lot of fun.

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